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Online Group Training

 Workout in a group with a Certified Personal Trainer 100% Online. No need to worry about childcare, commuting, time or cost.  

No More Excuses.  

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 No Lengthy Contracts 

Would you like to work with a personal trainer but can't afford the cost and contract commitments? Training with Jennifer requires no long-term contracts and classes costing little as $8. You can pay as you go or buy in bulk. The days of paying for a gym membership you don't use are over. Take control of your fitness, and only pay for the time we help you reach your goals. We only charge you for what you use-- a gym doesn't do that!


Group Setting without the Gym Atmosphere

Do you like working out in groups but don't like the gym atmosphere? Our system allows you to mix it up every class with total body movements that burn fat and build muscle. Feed off of the enthusiasm of the group to motivate yourself to push harder, but get the privacy a gym just can't provide.  Every training course is led by a Certified Personal Trainer who guides you through every exercise.  Working out with poor form can negate the benefits of an entire workout.  Training with Jennifer ensures that you get all the benefits of a personal trainer in the privacy of your own home.  


Minimal Equipment Needed

  • Mat (Optional)
  • Free Weights (range of sizes)
  • Stability Ball
  • TRX (Optional)


100% Online 

Use your pc or mobile device to be a part of the classes.  Workout LIVE with a Certified Personal Trainer in a group format. No more excuses for not exercising.  If you want results without needing to worry about childcare, commuting, or high prices then Training with Jennifer is for you.  No more excuses, get fit now!

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Online Group Training  

FREE One-Time Class Pass 

Jennifer offers a free One-Time Class Pass to anyone looking to try out Online Group Training! Email me with the date that works best for you and you will receive an email confirmation of your registration. See you in class!

1 Day Class Pass - $12.00

Pay as you go with no long-term commitment. Expires 30 Days from time of purchase.

12 Class Pass - $120.00

For just $10 a session you can enjoy a less expensive rate while having the freedom to register only for the sessions you want Expires 6 Months from time of purchase.

24 Class Pass - $192.00

For just $8 a session you register only for the classes you want while receiving more than a 30% discount. Expires 1 Year from time of purchase.


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